The law firm of Brick, Sugarman, Jones & McBrien, LLP understands the financial and emotional challenges that are present in domestic relations cases. We believe that the best results in these matters are achieved when the client has some input and control over the resolution of their case. For this reason, we work in close partnership with each client to determine whether a case can be resolved outside the court through an amicable process. However, if that goal proves unattainable, we have extensive trial and litigation experience to handle all types of domestic relations cases.

Brick, Sugarman, Jones & McBrien, LLP prides itself in representing a wide range of clients from various socioeconomic backgrounds. We are always mindful of the expense associated with litigation and are judicious with the financial management of our cases. Our cases range from the fairly simple uncontested matters to extremely complex and prolonged litigation and trials. We have vast experience in handling all types of domestic relations cases including: divorce, prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, post divorce modifications and contempts, domestic violence and abuse orders, child custody disputes, paternity, equity matters and guardianships. We have a network of financial and income tax experts, mental health professionals, and business and real estate valuation experts to consult with for complex sophisticated cases.

We are committed to pursuing each client's case in the most effective and timely manner and will conduct ourselves with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism during this process.